Thursday, November 10, 2016


Hi Everybody, long time no blog post I know I promised to post more frequently throughout the past year however not succeeded, I think the lack of motivation to be creative and provide inspiration on my blog has taken awhile to come back to me. 

With so much on my mind with university applications, what i want to study in university, personal statements, school assessments I really don't know what I am doing or what I am working towards. I think for awhile I really started to put things off just because I was too lazy to do things and not doing things because it wasnt normal within my school environment. After long long long months of just doing what is expected of me and still not succeeding the expectations of my parents I just come to realise that I'm lost, lost in terms of now knowing what i am doing or what i am doing in the future.

I really don't know what this post is for, I am currently in work experience working at this Hong Kong Company that does printing for example: calendars, cards, red packets, notebooks, etc. I think over my time here I brought back the creative side of me. The other day on pinterest (more like a 3 days ago) I discovered film photography now Ive seen my friends in my old school get back into film photography and that inspired me to dig out my old camera to investigate how this works, discovering print shops in Hong Kong, buying film and everything to do with film this just interest me. Now I've been told that i shouldn't be spending money on this passion just yet because i don't know whether i would like this. However Ive been keeping this as a secret in a way since I have such a big interest in film how it works and capturing images. I know it is pricey in the long term in comparison to a DSLR and you may forget the photos you take 36 shots ago but I think thats the beauty of film photography just recalling memories and being in the moment instead of the 1000 photos you will never look back on you DSLR. Not to say I wouldn't use my DSLR anymore but I will capture memories and moments I want to last forever using my film camera, because each photo tells a story and they way you capture the image knowing you have 36 shots only you would choose to take certain photos wisely.

I feel like as I am typing this blog post up it is really just me talking about film haha. I just think this is just a point in my life where I know for sure I want to look into this passion of mine. If anyone else is lost right now or under the stress, try doing the one thing that makes you happy. What I learnt this past 6 months is that no matter how much your passions differ from one another, I think it should be looked at deeper because you never know what you may find.

Thank you for reading! kaseyx.

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