Friday, July 22, 2016

Loccitane Body Salt Scrub

I have been using Loccitane products for over many years since I was small, I think with their products especially its a treat that can feel very satisfying as it makes you feel brand new in your skin. The product that I will be talking about today is the Sels Exfoliants Pour Le Corp Body Salt Scrub. The main reason why I picked up this product in the first place is that I realised I started to have some ingrown hairs under my thigh from shaving and its really not that pretty to look at especially after it becomes infected and turn bright red, so I thought and exfoliant would really do the trick.

The product itself is as the name calls it sea salt it has large piece of salt that will really target those flakey area of skin and scrub the dead skin cells off your body, this is also paired with the moisturising oil that penetrates into your skin leaving it prepped and ready for either shaving or your scented body lotion. I don't really use this product that often maybe every couple of weeks when I want to pamper my skin or that one day when your can't bear with the hairiness of your legs 
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