Sunday, September 27, 2015


+27th September 2015+
Profesh Photo Diary
Todays Blogpost I thought I would share how I celebrated my 16th birthday!,  These photos shown in the blogpost today are a few photos taken on my camera, I will be my very first what I got for my birthday sometime in the next 3 weeks, fyi it is not to boast or anything, but more of sharing and keeping the memories of what I recieved from my friends and family.

I actually celebrated my birthday a day before since the 27th of September in Hong Kong is a public holiday. 
AN OVERVIEW of my bdaybash:
I invited a couple of my closest friends from my old school to a birthday lunch (pepper lunch is sooooo good), then one of my friends made me a cake, so they sung the song to me and I blew out the candle then distributed the cake amongst us (I am very thankful for all the friends that I have made in my school, and I hope that I will keep in touch with them). We then headed off to disney and we had a really good time just hanging out and having fun as a squad <3 

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Monday, September 21, 2015


-looking to the future-
Couple weeks ago I posted about my emotional breakdown, That was a different type of post for me. If you want to check out that blog post I will link it right here, that will give you a basic understanding of what i was feeling in the new school. I didnt actually think anyone would really give in the time into commenting on the blogposts saying how they felt the same way when they were in new surroundings, and how they overcame it over time. It felt really nice that you guys would give in the time to support me and give advice based on this, I really appreciate you guys from this.

So continuing off this blog post, I have come to the decision that I will not be moving school, mainly for the fact that I've come this far and commited so much into the new school. As well as I'm probably behind in school working my old school, as they have been doing the ib for over a month longer than i have, and also thinking that I might have to go through the same process again when I go to university. I think this is a really good learning experience as I can really experience some new life lessons I wouldn't have known about before as I've had been staying in the same school for 12 years.
Though I may not have the most amount of friends currently, it is not the quantity that you have to, the more of the quality of the type of friends that you've make new environment. I think I came into this situation thinking that I can just make new friends that can be lifelong friends in under a week, like what I have seen new students in my old school, however what I've learned from this new experience is that you actually take the time to get to know each other, and see whether this friend can give a positive impact on your life.

Having my full 10 day cycle in my new school I've understood that some of the teachers can be good if you're paying attention in class, and the teachers really value of the information that you're taking from their lessons, this can really benefit you when you're taking the exams at the end of the year. Overall teachers do really care about what you get and have at the end of the day, and they really try their best to prepare you for the assessments and exams that you will be taking at the end of the year, and overall I think after this I need to look at different things in a much more brighter and positive aspect and perspective. I am really trying now, though I may not be as comfortable like in my old school, I need to learn to adapt to new situations.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lush's Herbalism

Todays blogpost is about this lush product that I recently purchased, this is actually the second time I have used this product. The first time didnt really go that well, August 2014, I recieved a sample of this in my mail and decided to try it out. Over the span of 2 weeks a cyst popped up, maybe because I used it 2 times a day for 2 weeks but I thought it was weird because they advised me to use it day and night every day. After I experienced this cyst, I immediently threw the rest of the sample away (there was actually maybe 2 more uses out of it). 

That December I found out that I had combination skin, I always thought I just oily skin and always used foam cleansers to clean the skin and using harsh chemicals like alcohol toner and harsh scrubs just made my skin even worse. Since then I have changed into a more natural skincare routine, check out my blog post that I did couple months back about my skincare routine (right here)
Now that I think back to that time, that cyst went away faster than any other one that I have had. So a week ago, I decided to give herbalism another try! And here are my thoughts and opinions on this product.
The only time that I use this cleanser is when I am in the shower usually on the weekend when I exfoliate and shave my legs. I cant say that I can see a difference in my skin apart from seeing tiny little bumps on my surface of my skin, however I do think that I have to give it time to see a difference, as some people say that this product allows pimples to be raised up and prevent new ones from forming. Another factor that I'm not that annoyed at but to some people they find the smell disgusting, I honestly think it smells like grass and nature, I dont really mind it but it is sometimes very refreshing to relax in. 

Overall I dont think this product is a miracle worker for acne-prone skin, but I think it does take time to notice a difference some peoples experience lead to (evening of skintone, removing excess oil, clearing small bumps, etc.), i'm only in my second week using it once a week as an exfoliant to prevent clusters of acne or even worse a cyst. 

ps- 5 days till my birthday!!! (27th September)
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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


-the truth on being new student-
I am not usually that type of person to post any negative stuff on my blog, because I am not that into having and keeping negative vibes on my blog, however since this is a blog where I can express my feelings in my current situation, I just need to let all my thoughts in my brain to get out. And because this is kinda where I can store and capture memories that I have, i might as well add this in making sure in the future I remember what I went through.
I am a optimistic person let me just say, I will keep this post very simple by saying..
I'm am sad, not in a way where I hate everything in life, but more like I hate how I am feeling so negative in life, I have tried to lift myself up by looking at funny memories that I had in my old school (however, this just made me feel worse than I actually am feeling). Maybe in the future I would share what I experienced during the past couple weeks, but as of right now I will just be doing a run through. You dont know how many times I faked a smile these past few weeks, the first couple of times it was geniune, however it quickly faded to a forced smile and making it feel like a chore, I have realised that these people around me are not those friends that have a loving or caring soul, it almost feels like they have no sense of feeling.

Yes, I have stepped out of my comfort zone by going to a new school, and I was all for it, but I dont think I thought ahead of time how tough it would be (as I was in the same school for my whole life, and was only the new student once starting from primary school). I actually couldnt wait to leave my new school, because of the limited CAS oppertunities, bad teachers (and i can list out at least 10 bad teachers) everything else I could deal with. Looking back now I actually see more bad things in my current school than my old school, we have couple bad teachers here and there, compulsory sports activities where you compete with other students (my school is known for being an area with a strong sense of community, in my opinion it isnt the whole entire houses are filled with little clicks, I dont think thats a definition of a well loved community), no exit passes (where you can leave the school if you have a free block in the last block), etc.

I know that I have only been at this school for almost a short time I will give it another week making it almost a month before I finalise my decision of moving back. But the truth is, I rather be in an environment where it uplifts my spirit making me want to work harder towards my goals in life, than in a place where it keeps me limited in a certain way that makes me dwell on decisions.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Maybelline Nudes Palette

Todays blogpost is about this Maybelline "The Nudes" Palette, I will be doing a quick review on this palette contains 12 eyeshadows that have some shimmery and matte shades. This palette does come with a small brush tip applicator that actually came really handy when I was on holiday and I forgot to pack my brushes, this allowed me to pack on the shades and smudge my eyeliner, but apart from that not that much use now, so I store those makeup applicators in a drawer to use for traveling (so I dont have to clean my brushes overseas!).

I have heard people not being happy with the packaging of the product, however for the price that we pay for this product which is about 9 pounds in comparison to naked palettes that usually range from (23-38 Pounds) I think you should just be happy for what you get for the price that you spent on it. It would have been nice to see a mirror in this palette so I can take it on the go and apply my makeup on the go without a compact mirror, but overall I dont mind the acrylic packaging.
The shade choices of these products have a good range of shimmery and matte shadows, perfect for different occasions (for example; formal events, date night, everyday makeup, etc). Some of the shades do lack pigmentations and may not be as buttery smooth as other eyeshadows, however if you are a beginner in makeup, like me when I first picked up this palette it is good to learn about how to apply shadows before investing in a more high-end product.
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